NM05- Izrasa PVC 32 MM Lined Raincoat with Reflector


Izrasa NM Series – With Reflector

  • Fabric reflectors are reflective materials that are sewn to the leg, arm or chest of the garments to increase visibility in workers’ clothing. Can be used in various widths.
  • In addition, optionally, it is cut in the dimensions you have requested.
  • Our reflective fabrics are soft; It can be washed and easily cut to the desired shape and size.
  • It has EN 471 certificates as it has the ability to absorb and reflect light at a high rate.
  • The most used areas of reflective fabrics are safety, especially work clothes and uniforms. In addition, it is applied in terms of visibility and attention to the clothes used by police, firefighters, emergency rescue services, road cleaners working at night in medical outerwear (Ambulances). It is also widely used in daily and sports clothing.
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