Mendi Bato S1P Shoes Work Shoes


  • Plush leather and fabric.
  • Comfortable insole. Modeled with PU foam and antibacterial fabric. Anti-fatigue balloon for energy absorption in the heel.
  • The base consists of two types of floors, with different designs, but with the same physical-dynamic properties. The plant drawings affect the anti-slip and flexural strength coefficient.
  • Tear resistant. Much higher flexural wear, hydrolysis and hydrocarbons than required by the standards.
  • Low and constant pattern density for maximum comfort and good energy absorption in the heel.
  • Electrical resistance values and insulation against cold and heat are improved with special additives. Behavior towards chemicals has also been improved.
  • Carbon steel toe capped, tempered, stabilized and painted with carbon epoxy resins. More than 200J impact resistance.
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