Vizwell is a brand specializing in occupational safety. The goal is not only to offer quality products, but also to offer a complete service package.

What is the most important element for people working in hazardous environments every day?

Undoubtedly, security.

Vizwell manufactures high visibility garments to deal with any situation in absolute safety, bad weather. Dark. dangerous situations. Making yourself well visible is the first way to protect yourself. Vizwell specializes in High Visibility Clothing made from the highest quality materials to provide maximum safety, comfort and design. Vizwell also designs multi-norm jackets. A range of jackets designed to deal with a variety of situations. Products in this category, like all Vizwell products, provide certified and guaranteed security.

These garments are designed to be comfortable for the workers wearing them. They also protect against a range of hazards, including exposure to heat, fire, chemicals, electric arcs and welding.

Research & Development

Are you looking for the right clothes for people working in a poorly lit environment such as a tunnel? Are you looking for the right clothes for people who usually work in adverse weather conditions? Or when there is little sunlight? Are you looking for the right workwear for people exposed to external factors such as water or fire? If you answered yes to only one of these questions, our products are suitable for you. That’s why we have a clothing line that can meet your daily needs.
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Work Process

Quality is the key: all our clothing is durable and functional, yet stylish and comfortable. Top grade fabric is used in each garment to ensure higher performance. Before the garment is finished, it undergoes a comprehensive quality control: fabric and other components are always checked when they arrive at our factory and before they are put back into production. Finished garments are inspected directly on production lines and before they are put into our warehouse or shipped to our customers.

We always put great effort into product development. Unique and innovative products are always added to our existing product line. Some of these products are our collections of flame retardant jackets, 5+1, Bomber, Parka Jackets as well as high visibility jackets, safety vests, rain kit, softshell and fleece. We also have a wide range of polycotton garments and accessories suitable for those working in hazardous situations in all light conditions. This is Vizwell, this is how we work and what we consistently deliver: More than quality

The Declaration of Conformity is a legal document that must accompany all CE Marked products sold in the European Union.

Our entire professional range is EN certified. Learn about our certifications. The best possible quality test.

Brand Report

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