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Francisco Mendi is the first Spanish manufacturer and manufacturer of safety shoes. Since 1953, it has been a pioneer in the development of footwear for work environments and is a professional footwear manufacturer.

In our shoe catalog you will find more suitable safety for every professional sector. At Francisco Mendi, we are pioneers in the manufacture of shoes for the workplace. We have designed, manufactured and distributed professional footwear for over 60 years and have addressed the toughest challenges of published standards with our products.

Francisco Mendi joined forces with the French multinational Lemaître Sécurité.

Competitiveness, quality, flexibility and technical compatibility have become the main assets involved in this operation, both of which have extensive experience in the safety shoe industry. As a result of their emerging synergies, the union between these two companies will allow for significant developments for both companies in terms of their markets, products and technologies.

This integration provides the company with financial strength, increases its investment capacity and enables growth to occur in the midst of an economic crisis. It also includes optimization of production resources, technical design support, and greater capacity for research and development. Lemaître Sécurité’s support will strengthen Francisco Mendi’s presence in national and international markets. The product range offered by Francisco Mendi, which currently includes leading Spanish brands such as Mendi, Vulcapros and Ofma, will be expanded with the participation of internationally renowned new companies such as Stanley and Lemaître.

He became an important strategic partner in the French multinational company Francisco Mendi. Through this operation, Lemaître Sécurité will strengthen its position throughout Europe, with a large presence in four of its largest markets: France, Germany, Italy and Spain. It will also benefit from the experience gained by Riojan in business and commercial management, which is a key issue in realizing this integration.

Research & Development

Headquartered in Strasbourg (France), this multinational company produces more than 2.5 million pairs per year. Alongside commercial subsidiaries in Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic, South Africa also has a significant presence in the safety footwear sector. Its products are currently sold in eighty countries.
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Bizi ayıran şey, ayakkabılarımızın dayanıklılığı ve sağlam konforudur. Ergonomiye, kullanım rahatlığına ve ayakkabı çeşitlerimizin dayanıklılığına özellikle dikkat ediyoruz.

Business Process

·         People are the foundation of our business strategy, we claim a highly qualified professional team with extensive experience, heavily involved in achieving set goals, and an open profession for customer service.

· We are committed to continuous innovation in technology and management to capitalize on the quality and success of a top-performing product. Our more than 6000m2 facilities are equipped with the latest generation of robotic machines, which guarantees the consistency and quality of all our products.

·         Our goal is the highest quality, our quality department ensures the high standard of our products by making rigorous controls on all our production processes. Suggestions of our customers and partners are taken into account for the continuous improvement and development of new products.

· As a producer and producer of waste, we are committed to the environment and therefore we have implemented ISO 14001:2004, which evaluates and guarantees the proper disposal of waste.

Brand Report

We have fast and efficient logistics. Thanks to the storage capacity and computer use of our facilities, we respond quickly and reliably, thus guaranteeing an excellent service.
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