As the main mission of IZRASA, it is to ensure that customers meet with environmentally friendly, durable and the most affordable products and to increase the level of protection.

IZRASA continues to be progressive and innovative every day in order to improve product quality and to create a safer environment for its users. IZRASA is a leading brand in the domestic and international business security sector.

Considering the needs of occupational safety users, it has decided to manufacture in its sector and continues to satisfy and protect user and customer quality by reaching its goals one by one in this way to become one of the leading brands in the sector.

Risk assessment is one of the most basic principles of the IZRASA brand. The IZRASA brand, which is produced according to the environment in which the products will be used and the environments to which they will be exposed, has satisfied its customers and users until today. Established in 2015, IZRASA produces not only in the domestic market but also in accordance with EN regulations, and has succeeded in being involved in international projects. It produces and supplies occupational safety materials in a way that offers the best quality by moving forward every day.

Research & Development

Our business concept is to design, manufacture and sell advanced Workwear for the European, Asian and Anatolian market. We help make the workplace safer through innovation and expertise.
Kalite standartlarımız iş kalitesinin temelidir.
Amacımız, müşteri beklentilerini aşan ve pazarda bulunan diğer giysilere karşı önemli avantajlar gösteren ürün ve hizmetler ile faaliyet gösterdiğimiz her ülkede en iyi iş giysisi tedarikçisi olmaktır.

Work Process

  • We are a world-class brand and aim to provide the highest level of support.
  • We are constantly informed about PPE developments and we share this information with our customers.
  •  We focus on usage costs and make products suitable for industrial use.
  •  We maintain the highest standards in terms of quality, environment and ethical production.
  • We lead the technical development of Natural Flame Retardant workwear.
  • We work closely with our customers to provide the right workplace solutions.
  • We develop fabrics with unique properties due to our work with fibers and reflectors
  • We are aware of the security challenges of each industry and develop solutions that offer appropriate protection and wearables in these industries.
  • We are working to be the most knowledgeable manufacturer in the domestic and international market
  • We work closely with our customers to ensure we fully understand their needs.
  • We can help with risk assessments and finding the right solutions for each client
  • Do you have more than 62 years? Experience in producing quality, functional and innovative workwear…
  •  Our entire professional product range is EN certified. Learn about our certifications. The best possible quality test.

Brand Report

IZRASA aims to have clear and self-control over all processes involved in the business, through well-developed control procedures, guided by clearly defined and, if possible, measurable objectives. All aspects of our business are conducted with the highest level of ethics and customer focus, enabling our partnerships to create mutually rewarding business opportunities for all.
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