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Deri-İş Work clothes mean to enable working people to wear durable and comfortable clothes, to move and feel. We are experts in providing organizations, businesses and companies with affordable, quality work clothes and safety suits that match unique features and requirements.

We provided workwear and branded uniforms for various different sectors: Construction, Engineering, Railways, Logistics and Transportation, Painters and Decorators, Safety, Tourism, Leather-Business, which meet all the requirements of our customers. Our wide customizable clothing range includes work trousers, polo shirts, fleece jackets, thermal jackets, overalls, t-shirts, high-visibility vests and jackets and much more.

The main goal in work clothes is to achieve customer satisfaction in the following ways:

  • Quality of Products
  • Superior Services
  • Product Customization
  • Delivery on Time

Deri-İş workwear is the name of the perfection in the world where we bring rich experience and technologies to our foreign and domestic sellers to produce and supply new styles with the best quality / workmanship and the best possible prices and to gain full trust.

Research & Development

We specialize in producing a first-class product with new styles. This happened because of the highly professional teamwork in all departments, so we have a close cooperation relationship with our foreign and domestic customers to fully understand and fill their needs / requirements every day and every time.
Deri-Is workwear products are rapidly advancing to become a worldwide brand because of their quality.
We offer our customers the best possible products and services and protect the interests of all stakeholders.

Work Process

As the name suggests, digital printing applies inks directly to clothing and reflects all the details for the garment decoration technique. Leather-Business Workwear uses 2 different direct printing styles to achieve different results depending on your needs: Screen and DTG (Direct Garment) printing . Each technique has its own benefits. Deri-İs is highly experienced and skilled in these processes. Even if it requires indirect printing instead of direct printing, you will be informed about the most suitable process for your printing project.

We aim to maintain our leading position in the industry by meeting the needs and expectations of our respected customers by offering the highest quality possible.

We believe that innovation is spontaneous, so we can find better ways to produce quality products by optimizing our resources.

It is not possible to reach our goals without doing a strong R&D. For this reason, R&D has constituted a large part of our company especially in theoretical and best practice competence.

Brand Report

As an industry leader, we strive to create a better society and provide health, education and social services to our society.
R&D Studies
Quality customer service
Our quality standards are the foundation of business quality.
62 years of experience
Superior material quality
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