Include Occupational Health and Safety in Your Life

When job satisfaction is mentioned, it comes to mind the financial benefits gained from the work and the happiness that the employee enjoys working together with his colleagues and creating products. Physical working conditions in enterprises are discussed in terms of Occupational Health and safety, which are defined as systematic studies to ensure a better working environment by removing the workplaces from the hazards caused by the execution of the work and by removing the conditions that may harm the health. With the existing laws, Occupational Health and safety practices have become mandatory in our country.

Since the day we were founded as Işmont, our priority has been to make a contribution to the era of our country by turning Occupational Health and safety from being a legal necessity into a lifestyle. It is our greatest desire to be a member of a people-oriented society where occupational accidents and occupational diseases are reduced to zero. In this context, we keep track of the developments by keeping the products work safety in construction, job safety signs etc.products in our system at all times for the development of Health and safety culture.

This year, we wish that the Occupational Health and Safety Week, which will be celebrated with the theme” include occupational health and safety in your life”, will be a means of ending occupational accidents and the resulting loss of life.

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