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About Us Deri-İş

Deri-İş, a half-century solution partner of the occupational safety sector, strengthens its position in the sector with its new products and services. Our company, Deri-İş, which was founded approximately 62 years ago, continues to offer half a century of experience and products to our customers. Our company has succeeded to be one of the leading names in the sector with its long years of experience in the occupational safety industry, customer-oriented service understanding and quality. Our company, which follows the clothing tenders of the public institutions, produces the personnel clothes of the important companies of the country in the form of leather and fabric in line with the likes and requests of its customers, and provides services above the customer expectation. Our company, which operates in Karaköy, has the potential to meet the demands of our customers who sell imported goods and work safety, year-round, continuously. Deri-İş, which has a dynamic structure that adapts rapidly to the changing needs of the occupational safety sector and aims at continuous development, will continue to be among the leading companies of the sector for many more years with its professional team. Deri-İş, which follows the technological infrastructure and innovations brought by the era, will always continue to be the solution partner of our customers by combining half a century of experience with quality service understanding, principled, honest and reliable business ethics.

Deri-İş is a product of a generation that redesigned this excitement from 1958 to 2020 from generation to generation and redesigned this excitement according to each period.


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