Izrasa and Vizwell Turkey Distributor We serve as the distributor of leading company in Turkey. About Us Deri-İş | Workwear Deri-İş provides special production to its customers by keeping customer satisfaction at the front. Brands Deri-İş | Business Equipment We prioritize quality and safety in our inventory of various business equipment Products Slide We Are In 15 Countries and 3 Continents. We are proud to serve 3 continents and 15 countries in the world with 62 years of experience as Deri-İş Import & Export


Our company, which has been operating in Karaköy since 1958, has the potential to meet the demands of our customers who sell occupational safety products throughout the year. 62 years of experience in the sector of international companies active in the Turkey distributor sustaining Deri-İş also serves to provide the highest quality service to our customers with their own brands.

Vizwell is a brand specializing in occupational safety. The goal is not only to offer quality products, but also to
As the main mission of IZRASA, it is to ensure that customers meet with environmentally friendly, durable and the most
Deri-İş Workwear means to enable working people to use durable and comfortable clothes, to always move freely and to make
Portwest is an Irish clothing manufacturing company for high-visibility, flame-resistant workwear, safety shoes, work gloves and personal protective equipment. The
Francisco Mendi is the first Spanish manufacturer and manufacturer of safety shoes. Since 1953, it has been a pioneer in
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Izrasa brand adds change to the sector with a very different vision and mission in order to adapt to today's
Fabric reflectors are reflective materials that are sewn to the leg, arm or chest of the garments to increase visibility
Anywhere in the world, 3M is known to be the most fundamental of efficiency. Explore the heart of 3M's world
Deri-İş has aimed to be a pioneer in the leather industry since its establishment in 1958. The leather industry encompasses

About Us Deri-İş

Deri-İş, the solution partner of the occupational safety sector for half a century, strengthens its place in the sector with its new products and services. Founded about 62 years ago, our company Deri-İş continues to offer its products to you, our customers. Its experience in the occupational safety sector for many years, customer-oriented service Our company has succeeded in becoming one of the leading names in the sector with its understanding and quality. Our company, which follows the clothing tenders of public institutions, produces the personnel clothes of the important companies of the country as leather and fabric in line with the likes and requests of its customers, and offers service above the customer expectations.

Product Customization

As Deri-İş, one of our most important features is that we can produce our products according to the wishes of our customers and personalize them by embroidering or printing them. We are at your service to make all your requests in the fastest and most accurate way.

Certified Products

All of our products that we sell are controlled by passing tests. Exclusively, all products of our IZRASA and VIZWELL brands are certified in accordance with European regulations. We strive to the end every day to increase our product quality and employee safety.

Customer Relationship

We have an experienced staff that has worked closely with customers for years and focused on the satisfaction of our customers. The main mission of our company is customer satisfaction. You can contact us as you wish during our working hours.

Stock Status

We keep all of our products in stock. This is because it is our mission and duty to deliver our products to our customers as quickly as possible.

Directing quality and safety in the sector ... Since 62 years.

We have been producing the best quality and safest products for you since 1958 and exporting them to the whole world.

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